DON STARTS BLOGGING - Since Dreamweaver is toooo hard to easlily update pages, Don has started blogging. He will now be updating our adventures at It's easy to update and he has already updated two of our travels.





17 to Rome

The Whole Smith Clan Invades Rome

In September, the entire Smith Fammily went to Rome for 8 days. Linda started a blog to help us get organized. Her blog is



We are finally going to get our web site revised. Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, decided to dump the program I was using and replaced it with a new one which is much more complicated. So, Linda had to learn it and I'm still trying to understand it. We do like the new look and hope you will too. Enjoy the new look and let us know what you think.
Don & Linda 11/12/201

Until I have time to update to this template I just love, click here for our old Old website homepage