Cochem, Germany

Cochen (pronounced "Coke-em") is a very beautiful town on the Mosel River.  It was raining and we were only there for half day so we didn't see all there is to be seen.  But we did enjoy it.  The 1000 year old Reichsburg Castle sits on a hill above town.

We got off the boat and walked into town.  That is the Reichsburg Castle on the hill.

Lots of flowers and a sculpture

Either the house shifted or was built crooked.

I was fascinated by the huge sausages.

see story below

This is a wall where they mark the high water levels

 The fountain above tells the story of two boys who went into a vineyard and found a goat there.  Believing that the goat was eating the grapes, they put him in a wine press and screwed the press down until the goat was crushed.  The flow from the press was red which was a sign that the goat was innocent.  However, it didn't do the goat any good.

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